What is 360 ° photography?

A 360 ° photo is a video shot of the product when you can see it
Of all the angles around it.

What is the need for 360 ° photography?

A 360 ° video can fit into a selling or marketing website, where
We want to demonstrate how the product looks from all directions. More about photography products.

What types of 360 ° photography can you provide?

Since there are many technical possibilities for 360 ° video production,
Customer answer the following questions:

  • Is the film intended for display on a computer screen, smartphone, iPad,
    Commercial display screen, or some of them?
  • Is it necessary to allow dragging the film by mouse, or
  • Is it enough for the film to turn around by itself?
  • Should the film be on a white or black background?
  • Is there a need for slow motion?
  • Do special effects need to appear in the movie?
  • Is it necessary to correct defects in an item so that it does not appear in the film?
  • What is the size and weight of the photo?
    Can the customer bring the item to the studio?

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